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Rotating Water Ripple Night Light

Rotating Water Ripple Night Light

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Lampshade Color

Transform your room

An innovative fusion of mesmerizing water effects and soothing illumination that transforms any space into a tranquil oasis of relaxation and wonder. This captivating night light isn't just a source of gentle illumination; it's a mesmerizing display of aquatic beauty that will enchant your senses and soothe your soul. 


Other benefits

It also offers practical benefits. The gentle illumination provided by the night light serves as a beacon of comfort during the night, guiding your way without disrupting your sleep. Whether placed in a bedroom, living room, or spa-like bathroom, this light adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space.


Your choice of light

Use your remote to choose between 16 different colors. Change it daily or pick a color to set the mood. The choice is yours!

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